The First Wellness Medicine Clinic In Poland

Following the trend present in the largest and most recognised hospitals in the world, we have created the first Wellness Medicine Clinic in Poland as part of the Medicover Hospital.

What is Wellness Medicine?


Assistance in the formation and maintenance of healthy habits.


Striving to achieve full vitality and well-being of our patients.


An approach to patients which takes into account theirsex-related needs.


Comprehensive assessment providing an overall picture of patients’ health.


A combination of classical and natural medicine, supported by state-of-the-art technology.

"Our clinic stands out, above all, by its exceptional approach to each patient, depending on their sex.

The particular services have been developed with account being taken of the specific needs of men and women."

Management of the clinic was taken over by dr n. med. Ewa Kempisty-Jeznach, who is the only specialist in male medicine in Poland to have obtained an international certificate in Germany. She also specialises in general diseases and internal medicine.

She ran her own private Male Medicine Clinic in Frankfurt am Main for 32 years.

Since its establishment in 2009, the Medicover Hospital has been rapidly developing. Currently, it has 7 specialist clinics as well as a Consultation and Diagnostic Centre. During 5 years of our activity, we have diagnosed and treated more than 350 thousand patients. Their health and general feeling are daily taken care of by a team of 170 physicians and 130 nurses and midwives.

Medicover has been recognised as the best international hospital in Poland according to the International Healthcare Commission.

With its surface area of 16,000 square metres, our hospital complex in the Warsaw district of Wilanów provides medical services in the following areas:
  • general, vascular and oncological surgery
  • plastic and bariatric surgery
  • internal diseases – diabetology, gastroenterology and haematology
  • gynaecology, obstetrics and pregnancy pathology
  • cardiology and invasive cardiology
  • laryngology and otolaryngology
  • neonatology and neonatal intensive care
  • neurosurgery
  • orthopaedics and trauma surgery (traumatology)
  • paediatrics and paediatric surgery



6 000procedures and surgeries

36 000consultations

122 000diagnostic tests


98% satysfakcji

98% satisfaction

We constantly monitor the quality of our services to guarantee the highest possible level of safety for our patients. The satisfaction surveys are carried out using the HCAHPS method.

Akredytacja Ministra Zdrowia

Accreditation of the Minister of Health

In January 2011, we received accreditation from the Minister of Health certifying that our hospital conforms to the high medical standards established by the Healthcare Quality Monitoring Centre.

Our specialists

Benefit from the support of ourexpert team composed of the best specialists in Poland. Our highly-qualified physicians work closely with each other so that you can receive comprehensive, holistic medical care tailored to your individual needs.